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Realtime statistics for Discord.

Get realtime statistics about anything online. From Twitter followers to an OpenSea Collection Floor price.

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What is StreamTicker?

StreamTicker is a Discord bot that allows you to get realtime statistics about anything online. It pulls data from Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and many more services. It pulls data at a set interval before updating a voice channel with the new numerical value

It supports custom formatting and even comes with premade presets that you can apply to any channel to quickly edit the vibe and aesthetic of your Discord setup server. It's the perfect way to add some functionality and style to your community

Discord Screenshot demonstrating StreamTicker


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Do I have to pay?

Nope! StreamTicker's core functionality will stay free forever, as promised. We hide some features behind voting on top.gg and have extensive plans to build paid-for features in the future.

The way you run this bot is f*****g hysterical — Ian Mitchell, Discord

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